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Mr. Socrates O'Doul Wants YOU to win $100!

Mr. Socrates O'Doul wants YOU to make money online! To help you get started, he's offering up $100 in an Amazon Gift Certificate! :)

Check out his stylish site (I love the pin up pics he has for his decor :)) and find out all he knows about making money on the internet :) He has some great advice and insight into the online market and he's happy to share it with you :)

It's not just the pin up art that's great. Mr. O'Doul fills you in on all the behind-the-scenese action that takes place in the online market. Find out about advertising, pay-per-blog posts, marketing yourself online, affilate links and so much more!

His site is classy, fun to look at and chock full of great information for the beginer and "pro" alike! I'm going to go and oggle his chicks... er read his posts now! ;)

To enter the contest, blog about it! Be sure to mention that...

"Socrates O'Doul is giving away $100 in Amazon.com cash. Link to him and make money!"

Enter Now!
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