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New Contest Site!   
11:45am 13/08/2007
  My new contest site is now up and running! :) Check it out! Subscribe to the feed and keep up to date on all the latest contests. New listings added daily :)

I've already won books, DVD's, cash and more! In fact, today I won a photo printer! :D

So stop by and enter a few of the hundreds of daily giveaways! :)

This blog will no longer bu updated. Please bookmark / RSS the new site for future updates :)

Enter Now!!

** EDIT: I posted that without the link! D'oh! Didn't mean to make you google it :)
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Aug... 9th? Daily Contests :)   
01:47am 10/08/2007
  Technically, it's the 10th, but I started it yesterday :)

Sonic the Hedgehog DVD
Ends: Sept 7

Rosanne Season 8
Ends: Aug 26

Win a Minivan
Ends: Oct 31

Win Food! :)
Ends: Sept 16

Schol Shopping Spree
Ends: Aug 30

Win a Nail Set
Ends: Aug 23

Win a Fish 'n Flush
Ends: Aug 31

Win Lunch for a Year
Ends: Sept 30

Trip to L.A.
Ends: Sept 3

Die-Cast Guitar
Ends: Sept 8

What the Duck?
Ends: Aug 31
Aug 5 Daily Contests :)   
02:40pm 05/08/2007
  $100 Visa Giftcard

Disney Vacation for 8

iPods + More

Win a Blackberry
8/3 Daily contests :)   
03:43am 04/08/2007
  Win a Digital Camcorder

Win an Ultimate Workshop


Win a Laptop + More

Win an iPhone

Win an iPhone + $1,000

Win a Cruizin Cooler
Aug 1st Daily Giveaways :)   
01:57pm 01/08/2007
  Win an 80gb Apple iPod Video

Win Ice Cream!

Win.. monkey ass boots?

NYC Shopping Spree

Simpsons Movie Tickets

Win $1k Enter the code "BESTYEAR"

Win $100 to Bella Online

Win a trip to Sesame Street!

Win Fresh Flowers for a Year

Win a Ride Use Code: airaoke

Trip to the NBA Finals

Win Beauty Products

Trip to SummerSlam

Win PetCo Gift Cards
Today's Daily Contests 7/30   
11:13pm 30/07/2007
  Win Camping Gear
Enter Now!

Win $10k
Enter Now!

Trip to the World Series
Enter Now!

Trip to L.A. (UPC Code to use: 0076150402 )
Enter Now!

Win a Toyota
Enter Now!

Win $1000 (use code: 33433J7MNP9X )
Enter Now!

Win $5k or Other Przes
Enter Now!
Mr. Socrates O'Doul Wants YOU to win $100!   
03:28pm 30/07/2007
  Mr. Socrates O'Doul wants YOU to make money online! To help you get started, he's offering up $100 in an Amazon Gift Certificate! :)

Check out his stylish site (I love the pin up pics he has for his decor :)) and find out all he knows about making money on the internet :) He has some great advice and insight into the online market and he's happy to share it with you :)

It's not just the pin up art that's great. Mr. O'Doul fills you in on all the behind-the-scenese action that takes place in the online market. Find out about advertising, pay-per-blog posts, marketing yourself online, affilate links and so much more!

His site is classy, fun to look at and chock full of great information for the beginer and "pro" alike! I'm going to go and oggle his chicks... er read his posts now! ;)

To enter the contest, blog about it! Be sure to mention that...

"Socrates O'Doul is giving away $100 in Amazon.com cash. Link to him and make money!"

Enter Now!
Today's Daily Contests   
11:35pm 29/07/2007
  Win Logitech gear
Enter Now!

51" HDTV
Enter Now!

$1k Organize.com Gift Certificate
Enter Now!

Win a Samsung Upstage
Enter Now!

Win a Pan!
Enter Now!

Diecast Car
Enter Now!

3 Months Free Cigars
Enter Now!

Win $ for your School
Enter Now!

TJ Maxx Gift Card
Enter Now!

Super Natural Cook Book
Enter Now!

Win a Bik
Enter Now!

Win a Super Garage
Enter Now!
More Daily Fun   
11:24pm 27/07/2007
  Win "Full House: Season 7" on DVD
Enter Now!

Win a Trip to Vegas
Enter Now!

Win $10k
Enter Now!
Win a Flat Panel LCD HDTV!   
05:25pm 27/07/2007
  Win a flat panel, LCD, HDTV... just by leaving a comment? It sounds too good to be true!

Yet, here are the folks at 5 Minutes For Mom having a contest where you can enter just like that :)

Now, if you don't win, you can always buy it from Best Buy :)

Enter Now!
Win THE USB Cooler   
03:04am 27/07/2007
  This infamous USB cooler originiated with John Chow and has been making the blog contest rounds ever since :)

Now the guys at EverybodyGoTo.com are giving YOU the chance to own it too! (and maybe even use it?) It's been autographed by John Chow himself, so you might want to frame it and look at it lovingly instead of trying to cool anything with it. It will proably do you more good that way ;)

Want more?!

You'll even get a WORKING USB powered dsek lamp! (You can use this to light up your John Chow shrine ;))

To enter, all you have to do is comment! How musch easier can they make it on you? :)

Enter Now!
Today's Daily Contests   
02:35am 27/07/2007
  Trip to Miami

Enter Now!

Custom Chopper

Enter Now!
GH "Night Shift" First Script!   
02:00am 27/07/2007
  Surely a collectors item :)

Enter Now!
Win Cottony Clothes   
02:25pm 24/07/2007
  Yay :)

Enter Now!
Win Cool Prizes!   
02:10pm 24/07/2007
  Xbox 360 Elite, HDTV and MORE!

Enter Now!
Win a Jeep!   
02:07pm 24/07/2007
  Play the instant win game for a Jeep Compass or other cool prizes :)

Enter Now!
Bed Bath & Bucks   
02:04pm 24/07/2007
  Win $25k for school, or some great BB&B prizes :)

Enter Now!
Win Baby Stuff!   
01:59pm 24/07/2007
  $700 dollars worth :)

Enter Now!
Win the Ah Ring   
01:53pm 24/07/2007
  I dunno what that is, but the site sure is pretty :)

Enter Now!
Super Charged Sweepstakes   
01:49pm 24/07/2007
  An assortment of prizes up for grabs :)

Enter Now!
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